We train your staff to use
SAP system as real experts.
We use individual approach in our trainings.
We design courses focusing on your business characteristics.
Each employee gains practical experience.
We organize training courses for accountants, logistics specialists,
economists, HR, and other employees who don't work in IT, but work in the SAP system every day.
The training will help to get clear understanding of business processes, features of the system, learn standard operations in SAP system.
Usage in SAP system in practice is an important part of learning. We provide individual and group lessons, in your office or online.
Group and
individual lessons
The training program is based of the characteristics of your business.
Employees learn specific business processes in SAP or attend a full course practicing in the system.
You can define the number of people in a group.
Employees, who have never worked in the SAP, learn how to work in the system from the ground up. Experienced users can fill the gaps in knowledge to understand better the principles of business processes in SAP.
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We provide classes for employees, who already have experience in SAP system.
This is not a full course, but a meeting with a consultant, who can give answers to questions about the system. Thus, an employee can fill gaps in knowledge.
We organize meetings in your office or remotely.
Creating of educational resources
Clear and detailed user guide
Our user-friendly manuals describe work with SAP modules. User guides help to work quickly in the system and to reduce number of request to SAP support team.

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