Unified reporting system helps to make the business more profitable.
SAP Roll-out is a process of adaptation and implementation of global management templates to different markets.
Consolidated reporting will meet corporate accounting and management.
Adapting unique business processes
System customizing for unique business processes of local market.
Сompliance with the industry specifics
System customizing and development appropriately to industry features.
Unique regulations, requirements and laws of Russia
Accounting in accordance with Russian accounting standards.
Integration with other systems

SAP integration with other systems used by subsidiaries.

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Our advantages
We are experts in SAP Roll-out projects.
SAP Force Group experts have extensive experience in SAP ERP roll-out projects. We successfully carry out international projects in any business environment. We will help you to automate complex business processes and obtain a competitive advantage.
We provide SAP ERP roll-out services
in Russia and Ukraine
up to 35%

reduction of term of an
SAP ERP roll-out project
up to 30%

costs reduction of
an SAP ERP roll-out project
Our roll-out SAP ERP projects in Russia
Our roll-out SAP ERP projects in Russia
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